Solving a legal problem is a journey – you can’t make the road to justice shorter, but it’s reassuring to have professional legal support along the way.  We follow a step-by-step approach to give you peace of mind that our award-winning legal team handles your case as quickly and effectively as possible while keeping you in the loop from start to finish.

We’ll be there for you every step of the way. Here’s how we will stand by you on your journey to justice:

Step 1: Reach out to us – we’re here to provide caring legal support.

Report your case by calling our Legal Helpline, sending a message on Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or email. If you want to consult with us in person, feel free to schedule a consultation at one of our offices nationwide.

Open a case now.

Step 2: Get empowering legal advice & guidance.

We assign your case to a Legal Professional who gets to work right away. The Legal Professional will listen to your legal problem, ask you questions and give you professional legal advice and guidance. 

If the advice is all the help you need to resolve your legal dilemma, the case is closed. But if you need our professional intervention, the Legal Professional will request essential documents you need to send to us. The sooner we get these documents, the sooner we can get to work on your case. 

Step 3: We’ll negotiate before we litigate

Once we receive the necessary documents, our award-winning team will negotiate on your behalf and do all we can to settle your legal issue outside of court or another legal forum. Your Legal Professional will guide you through the mediation process. We’re proud to say that we resolve most cases through mediation in just over a month, but with more complex issues, it can take up to a year.

Learn more about why we mediate before we litigate.

Step 4: We’ll cover your legal fees – Ts&Cs apply.  

If it isn’t possible to solve your legal problems through mediation (your case will likely have to go to court), one of LAW FOR ALL’s helpful Litigation Officers will submit a claim request to pay your legal costs and to appoint a hand-picked Panel Attorney to go to court for you. Keep in mind that South African courts receive a considerable number of cases, and it could take between 3 and 72 months to get an outcome. 

Once we have assessed and approved your claim, the Litigation Officer will appoint a Panel Attorney and set up a consultation with you. If your policy doesn’t cover your case, we can’t support your claim. But don’t worry – we will still refer you to one of our Panel Attorneys at a significantly reduced rate.

Step 5: In your corner every step of the road.

We’ll pay your legal fees on time, and we’ll stay in constant communication with your attorney until the case is resolved, and you can go back to living life to the fullest!  

You’re in competent hands. LAW FOR ALL employs real lawyers who have law degrees and are generally also admitted attorneys and advocates. To get the most out of your justice journey, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your questions.