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Innovating justice since 1993.

It all started more than two decades ago, after realising the justice system wasn’t working for the people of South Africa. Many citizens were blocked from accessing justice and proper legal protection. It’s an obstacle LAW FOR ALL decided to demolish with a successful alternative: legal insurance cover for all. To this day, LAW FOR ALL works tirelessly to break down the barriers to justice and empower South Africans to enforce their legal rights.

When we say law for all, we mean it!

LAW FOR ALL’s mission is simple: to make the law affordable and accessible for everyone. Our award-winning team of talented, caring, and dependable legal experts will go above and beyond to ensure policyholders have access to justice and that their rights are protected. We’re always looking ahead. We’re committed to continually revising our processes and products to offer the best and most comprehensive legal care for South Africans.

Embracing tech & making the law more human.

To reach our goals, LAW FOR ALL embraces innovation and technology to supplement and enhance what we do, so that we can focus on the human side of the law. We have a sophisticated team of developers who scout out the best tools and trends to incorporate into LAW FOR ALL’s legal software. With a winning combination of game-changing technology and passionate legal professionals, we’re changing the legal landscape for tomorrow.

Breaking the tradition of inequality in law.

Inequality is a tradition that persists and thrives in the legal profession. At LAW FOR ALL we believe that transformation is essential and work to create a company where everyone can thrive and perform to the best of their abilities, regardless of their sex or ethnicity. We’re proud of the fact that our employees come from different backgrounds and cultures. Because we strive to be a true friend in the law, it’s vital for our experts to be relatable, empathetic and able to assist clients in a language they are most comfortable with. Our diversity is our strength and a big part of our success.


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Together we tackle issues facing society.

We believe in making investments and contributions that will create a better South Africa for all. LAW FOR ALL plays an active social role and gives back in various ways: from investing in black law firms and building more houses with Habitat For Humanity, to providing bursaries to promising students and supporting employee nominated charities that lie close to our hearts.

Reaching more people who need legal protection.

Another way in which we expand our reach and our mission to break down barriers to justice is through strategic corporate partnerships. These collaborations with reputable companies play an important role in separating LAW FOR ALL from the legal services pack and reaching more people who need legal protection. These prominent brands have chosen LAW FOR ALL as their partner of choice:

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