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Help us deliver justice for ALL

At LAW FOR ALL, we believe that everyone deserves affordable access to justice. By joining our network of panel attorneys you can help us bring about positive change in the legal system.

Together with carefully selected firms, we strive to transform the legal journey for all South Africans. We take a human-centred approach to law, understanding that the legal system is not just about winning cases, but also about addressing the needs of our clients with compassion and understanding. By providing a better overall experience, we help clients navigate the legal system with ease.

Join our collective effort to ensure all South Africans receive the justice they deserve. Apply to become a Panel Attorney today!

Benefits of joining

Get legal work & cases referred to you

Earn additional income

Gain valuable legal training & experience

Make a positive impact in your community

Show your interest (Applications Closed)

Unfortunately, we are not accepting new applications to join our Panel Attorney Network at this time. To be part of this vision to help break down barriers to justice and empower South Africans, please keep an eye on this page or send any questions to info@lawforall.co.za