At LAW FOR ALL, we understand that every legal case is a journey, and while you can’t make the road shorter, there are ways to reach an amicable and effective outcome faster.  Often, that’s possible through an efficient process called mediation, and what sets us apart from the legal insurance cover pack, is that LAW FOR ALL offers a mediation benefit on all our policies.

What exactly is Mediation?

Simply put, mediation is all about resolving a dispute outside of the courtroom (i.e. not through litigation).  It’s a confidential process in which a neutral person (known as a mediator) actively assists opposing parties in working towards a negotiated agreement or outcome in a particular dispute. The great thing is that the parties are in firm control of the terms of the resolution to their problem and not the mediator or a judge.

The mediator helps people involved in a legal conflict reach an agreement, without even entering a courtroom. At LAW FOR ALL, we employ skilled mediators who are dedicated to doing their best for our clients. They are also qualified, lawyers.

‘We pride ourselves on resolving most of our clients’ cases through mediation. We’ll negotiate matters and find a quick resolution so that we can send your worries and fears packing,” says Adv. Jackie Nagtegaal, Managing Director of LAW FOR ALL.  “It’s all about talking, listening, clarifying priorities and finding a compromise”.

Mediation became a popular legal buzzword in late 2014 after South African Magistrates Courts changed the way legal proceedings are done. To put it simply, they decided that mediation was often a more effective way of resolving cases and should be prioritised above litigation. This means that there are faster and more affordable resolutions in matters that fall under the Magistrates Court.

How does LAW FOR ALL Mediate?

At LAW FOR ALL, it’s our go-to method for fixing your legal problems and protecting your rights.  As a client, this is how we would have your back.

STEP 1:  Report your case by visiting any one of our nationwide offices or give us a call.

STEP 2: A qualified Legal Advisor will be assigned to your case immediately and will provide you with top legal advice and guidance.

STEP 3: If the advice is effective and helps resolve your legal dilemma, the case is closed, and you can carry on living your life stress-free. If there is more to the case, the Legal Advisor will inform you about the important documents that you need to send us.

All legal instructions and advice are verified by experience Managers (who are also lawyers) on our advanced online case management system. This keeps everyone accountable.

STEP 4:  After we received the necessary documents, a skilled Mediator will be assigned to your case and negotiate on your behalf.  The Mediator, who is also a qualified lawyer, will get in touch with you at least twice a month to keep you in the loop.

STEP 5: Since our Mediation success rate is very high and consistent, your legal issue should be resolved by now.  In the unfortunate and rare event that your case cannot be dealt with through Mediation, we will guide you through the Litigation process. Do note: LAW FOR ALL’s policies also cover Litigation, and we’ll pay for a lawyer to represent you in court. We’ll have your back, no matter what legal problem life throws at you.

The Benefits of Mediation before Litigation

The primary benefits of mediation are as follows:

  • Your legal troubles are resolved quickly and easily
  • You can avoid lengthy courts battles that can take up to 2 to 3 years to reach an outcome.
  • As mentioned in Why Legal Insurance Cover is Essential, legal costs are astronomical, and mediation can save you a lot of money.
  • The process keeps your private matters private.
  • It keeps relationships (personal and professional) intact.

We’ve got your back!

So, if you want to walk tall and have a team of experienced mediators and lawyers on your side, then look no further than LAW FOR ALL. To have our team in your corner, be sure to have a look at LAW FOR ALL’s comprehensive policies. Sign up today!