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As you start building a future for yourself, there are more variables to consider. Of course, with more moving parts, there’s added risk, so you will absolutely need powerful legal protection and guidance in your corner. You’ve worked incredibly hard to achieve success in your life, and you certainly don’t want an encounter with the law to create an obstacle you can’t conquer.

Our most popular legal insurance policy protects you with comprehensive legal insurance cover for you, your spouse and children, too. What’s more, you are covered for civil, family, labour and criminal cases.

Policy benefits include
  • Litigation Cover *

    R225 000

  • Accidental Death Benefit

    R10 000

  • Bail Money

    R5 000

  • Unopposed Divorce Matters **

    R15 000

  • Opposed Divorce Matters **

    R15 000

  • Covers Main Policyholder, Spouse & Dependent Children

    Children up to 25 years

  • Legal Emergency Line

    24 Hours

  • Basic Legal Advice

    Even if the incident occurred before signing up for a policy

  • Mediation

    For matters arising after and up to 3 months before signing up

  • Credit Checks

  • Access to Contract Templates

  • Discount on Transfer Fees


  • Civil Litigation

    By or against Policyholder

  • Defending Criminal Action

  • Bail Application

  • Representation in Labour Matters


  • Maintenance Court

    Other parent has a lawyer

  • Tax Advice

  • Guilty Plea

    Other than alcohol- or drug-related offences

  • Defamation

    Specific proof required

  • Registration of Prenup **

  • Rescission of Magistrates Court Judgement

* 1 month waiting period
** 3 months waiting period
*** 6 months waiting period
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