While Level 3 Lockdown has allowed for most industries and companies to open and regain some financial footing, the full impact on many employees’ wages and salaries are still in the air. While some workers have had to adjust to significant pay cuts, others are faced with losing a steady income altogether. It’s this state of uncertainty and distress that leaves South Africans disheartened about their futures. But LAW FOR ALL, your caring friend in the law, wants to make the process of getting financial relief a little easier for you. So, we’ve decided to compile a go-to resource page that contains free downloadable UIF and other claims benefit documents for employees.

Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) Documents and Application Forms

In the very unfortunate event that you lose your job, your first port of call should be claiming from the Unemployment Insurance Fund. The quickest and most convenient way to do this is via The Department of Labour’s uFiling portal, which allows “employees [to] use the system to apply for benefits such as unemployment, death and illness. This is a FREE service, and this electronic claims guide will give you more information. Do note: this is also the process to follow if you are facing reduced work time/ temporary lay-off due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In all instances, your employer can assist with the application as well. If you do not have internet access to submit your claim(s), you can e-mail or fax the application to the nearest UIF processing centre.

The applicable UIF forms are:

  • UI-19 and UI-2.7 (completed by Employer)
  • UI-2.1 (application form)
  • UI-2.8 (bank form completed by the bank)
  • A letter from your Employer confirming Reduced Work Time or Temporary Lay-off due to the Coronavirus
  • Copy of your ID document

What about claiming an illness benefit?
If you are sent home to self-quarantine for 14 days as a result of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis and you are unable to work from home, you are entitled to apply for an illness benefit for that specific period.

These are the forms and documents you need to complete and submit:


What do I need to claim for a death benefit?
If tragedy strikes and a breadwinner is lost, the families of employees who have passed away are also eligible to apply for some financial relief.
The required documents are:

  • UI-19 and UI-53 (completed by the deceased’s employer)
  • UI-2.5 or UI-2.6
  • Death Certificate
  • ID of deceased and applicant
  • UI-2.8 (bank form completed by the bank)
  • Copy of ID document


Are there any other financial relief benefit options?
Yes, absolutely.  It’s called The Temporary Employer/Employee Relief Scheme (TERS), which pays employees when the employers have to stop their operations due to COVID-19 and temporarily lay-off employees. The scheme allows employers who face financial difficulties to continue paying their employers even when the business is not running, for up to 3 months. LAW FOR ALL has a comprehensive TERS claim breakdown

We’ve got your back!

LAW FOR ALL’s caring legal experts can help you through the UIF claims process. What’s more, we can even help you submit all the necessary documents and application forms.  For more information on how LAW FOR ALL can become your friend in times of need and help you navigate life have a look at our policies here.