LAW FOR ALL, a company dedicated to fighting for equality and justice, calls on South Africa’s creative minds and wordsmiths to enter a competition to help imagine a future world where everyone has access to justice. The winner will walk away with a R10 000 cash prize.

COVID-19 has arrived the world over, with a torchlight in hand to cast a light on the shadows that lurk in our society. It’s opening our bottom drawers, and airing the dirty laundry of decades of consumer-driven markets. The world is unequal. The systems we’ve created work only for a few. Suddenly in the absence of our daily hustle, it’s become glaringly evident in many industries. The justice system, one of them.

“The COVID-19 outbreak has made an already uncertain future that much more frightening. In times like these, we need to call upon our artists, our writers, our poets and lyricists. It is through art that we shape new narratives for the future,” says Adv Jackie Nagtegaal, futurist and Managing Director of LAW FOR ALL.

There is no denying we need a strong injection of hope and optimism, during this time. And for that to take shape, we need perspectives and ideas that can help us envision the future. To create a new future for the justice system, we need to start thinking about the law in a different way. We need something to believe in to beckon us forward; a compass that points us in the direction of a future we want to live in. Nagtegaal believes these navigators are the creative minds of our country, the writers, poets and wordsmiths.

“LAW FOR ALL has called on the creatives of the country to help them share the story of the future, to give the people of South Africa something to believe in so that we can start building it,” maintains Nagtegaal.

Writing Competition Details:

Submit this future world of justice creative work in less than 1000 words. It can be a haiku, poem or piece of prose. To enter, email your work to  

  1. All submissions must reach us by no later than 5 pm on 20 May 2020.

  2. The winners will be announced on 5 June 2020.

  3. By submitting your work, you agree that LAW FOR ALL may share it on its webpage and social pages and that it may be used in an academic research paper on the future of justice in South Africa.

  4. You will be credited fully and retain all rights to the work for further personal or commercial use.

  5. LAW FOR ALL’s decision on the pieces will be final and in its sole discretion.

  6. A prize of R10 000 will be awarded as first prize, R7000 as second prize and R3000 as a third.