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Celebrating the phenomenal women of South Africa

It’s hard to wrap our heads around the fact that we are already in the 8th month of 2020, and while time seems like a bit of a blur at the moment, we need to take time and focus on the importance of Women’s Month.

Around every corner and all sectors, incredible women are breaking new ground and inspiring future generations. Whether it is Dr Liana Roodt’s “Project Flamingo”, which radically changes the experience of breast cancer patients; Caster Semenya, who despite widespread scrutiny, continues to leave her fellow competitors in the dust; The Black Mambas, an all-women anti-poaching unit; or Rapelang Rabana, an education specialist whose company, Rekindle Learning, seeks to improve schooling in the country by making technology available to those who need it to further their education, their contributions are invaluable. Of course, there are countless more, and LAW FOR ALL salutes the fearless females paving the way forward!

Together we will thrive!

But the road to success is by no means easy for women in South Africa, and we believe that acknowledging the hurdles women face should also be an important part of Women’s Month.  Statistics show that the rate of femicide is one of the highest in the world and the gender pay gap is showing little sign of closing. LAW FOR ALL will continue to be a voice in the chorus that raises awareness around those issues. What’s more, we remain committed to removing any obstacles for women by ensuring women know what their rights are and helping them stand confidently in the face of gender-based discrimination.

Honouring South Africa's female struggle icons.

It’s always good to look back and reflect on the contributions of the fearless females of the past who laid the groundwork for the freedoms we enjoy today. Women struggle icons who challenged the racist apartheid regime and fought for women’s rights are often overlooked, but we need to keep the legacies of these female activists, politicians and other influential figures alive.

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Understanding sexual consent: "no" is never "yes"!

"The year 2020” sure sounds like a futuristic time where the world has evolved beyond gender inequality and unequal power dynamics, but women across the globe still face discrimination, sexual assault and harassment. A big part of tackling this issue is interrogating toxic masculinity. We take a closer look at what it means to give consent and the legal consequences of not taking “no” for an answer.

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Tipping the scales for female lawyers in South Africa.

Even in legal spaces, where one would think that perpetrators understand the implications of their actions, sexual assault and harassment are rife. Nearly half of women legal professionals have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. This is just one of the major issues holding women back in the legal industry. In this write-up, we explore gender inequality in law firms and why “representation” is more than just a buzzword today!

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Women's rights in customary divorces.

The customs and traditions of the various cultures in our country are not only legally recognised, but also protected. Over the years, customary laws have continuously developed in line with the Constitution to ensure equality and dignity for all. While women enjoy equal protection, many seeking a divorce don’t know their rights. This guide aims to empower those who feel lost and confused!

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Expert legal advice to help you protect women’s rights!

LAW FOR ALL believes an equal and transformed country for all is only possible if we all stand together.  It takes personal perceptions, societal expectations and legal structures to shift and evolve, to lay a new foundation for women (and our country) to thrive.  We are firmly in your corner when it comes to explaining your rights and guiding through the process of seeking redress.


We’ve Got Your Back!

As a caring legal services provider, we mean it when we say we are in your corner. We understand that money is tight and have policies to suit all budgets. LAW FOR ALL is your friend in the law, so we will be there for you so you can have peace of mind.

Get powerful legal advice from caring lawyers.

Legal language and jargon are just some of the reasons why people think the law is inaccessible. Our legal professionals understand this and will take the time to remove all confusion and explain your rights in a way that will empower you!

We mediate before we litigate.

Many legal disputes can be resolved in a calm and time-efficient manner – this is called mediation. Most of our cases are resolved this way. And if it is not possible to settle outside of a courtroom, we’ll still be in your corner.

Don’t get court out!

In the very unlikely event that you will need to go to court to settle your legal dispute, LAW FOR ALL is still your go-to legal services provider. After assessing your case and its merits, and if your policy covers the matter in questions, LAW FOR ALL will pay an attorney to represent you in court!

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