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Spending habits may change, but your rights remain the same!

COVID-19 is impacting household budgets in ways no one could’ve predicted. For many of us, this means drastically cutting back on spending and weighing up the quality of goods and services with the cost.

Over the past few years, South African consumers have already been adjusting spending habits as a result of salaries increasing minimally, the price of goods and services rising rapidly and fears for personal safety. Research by Santander confirms that we’ve been cautious when it comes to finances, cocooning a lot more, entertaining ourselves at home rather than in shopping malls, clubs, restaurants and other establishments. What’s more, we’ve increasingly preferred inexpensive experiences over material goods, like going to the beach, listening to music or watching sports on TV.

Many of us are worried about the personal and financial implications of the lockdown restrictions, and looking beyond the pandemic, it’s unlikely that we’ll loosen our purse strings soon. We simply cannot afford shoddy service, bad quality products, or broken promises. Thankfully, the law protects our consumer rights.

Be empowered by your consumer rights!

Protecting and empowering consumers goes a long way in maintaining consumer confidence, and ultimately, mitigating the negative socio-economic impact of the pandemic. Even though it may be more challenging to fulfil during the lockdown, suppliers of goods and services still have legal obligations that haven’t changed. Being clued up on our consumer rights means we can safeguard ourselves against companies that take advantage of the national disaster by seeking redress. LAW FOR ALL is your corner with insightful and powerful legal advice and information.

Shopping online and late deliveries

With a sudden surge in online shopping, many retailers have struggled to keep up with the processing of orders and the subsequent delivery of goods. And it’s causing frustration for local consumers. But did you know that the Consumer Protection Act covers late or failed deliveries? LAW FOR ALL delivers the goods.

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Cancelling your cellphone contract: what you need to know.

Struggling to keep up with the monthly bill? Not happy with the service anymore? Nevermind your reasons, you're entitled to cancel your mobile contract without any explanation. But, cancelling early comes at a cost. LAW FOR ALL unpacks what you need to know about cancelling a fixed-term contract.

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Buying a second-hand car: A step-by-step guide.

South African motorists are feeling the pinch and buying down. Purchasing a used car comes with its own challenges, so we've put together a comprehensive checklist covering what you should look out for and how the law protects you against defects.

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How to avoid your insurance claim getting rejected.

Taking out insurance policies is all about giving yourself peace of mind and minimising risk as much as possible. But every year, thousands of consumers get frustrated by insurance claims that are partially or completely rejected. We take a look at some of the main reasons why this happens, and what you can do if you feel as though your claim is unfairly rejected.

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Seeking redress: lodging a consumer complaint.

You don't have to accept faulty products or bad service. If your complaint to the supplier has reached a stalemate, you can seek redress and lodge a consumer complaint. LAW FOR ALL explains how and highlights tips to increase your chances to get a swift resolution.

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Legal Advice & Guidance to Protect Your Consumer Rights!

LAW FOR ALL wants to ensure you get the bang for your buck and service you deserve, especially during these financially trying times. We’re firmly in your corner when it comes to explaining your consumer rights and guiding you through the process of seeking redress.



We’ve Got Your Back!

As a caring legal services provider, we mean it when we say we’re in your corner. We understand that money is tight and that the frustration of dealing with consumer complaints often results in consumers giving up. LAW FOR ALL is your friend in the law, so we’ll be there for you so that you don’t throw in the towel.


Get caring legal advice about your rights as a consumer.

Staying clued-up on the law isn’t always an easy task, as complicated jargon makes it feel inaccessible. We understand that, and our legal advisors will remove all the confusion to explain your consumer rights in a way that empowers you.

We’ll help you talk it out with suppliers.

Need a legal professional in your corner to help with negotiation and mediation? LAW FOR ALL will contact service providers to resolve the dispute in a calm and caring manner. We’ll also help you refer the case to the relevant Ombudsman if the service provider pushes back and won’t play fair.

Don’t get court out!

If you have a civil claim against a supplier, and no Ombudsman can assist because it falls outside their powers, LAW FOR ALL is still your go-to legal services provider. We’ll assess the merits of your case and if your policy covers the type of matter, pay an attorney to represent you in court! 

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