When I dream of a future bigger than myself 

I imagine that I am the earth, 

Insistent. Unending. 

I see my role in the terror that comes with living 

And with the same ease that the sun fixates on its schedule 

I make room for my morality,  

For the lapses that come with being human 

There is the beckoning and then there is the purpose 

The situation and the subject. 

Beneath all the doubt of what is and what is not 

Rises the clarity of bad judgment. 

When we see the art of all we’ve overcome 

Think of oranges and bumper stickers, 

Peel off our bruises just the same 

No one turning away.  

Not the hardness of a fluid system. 

For there is no hope in the mistakes we’ve made as a collective 

All we are is bound to the same laws of existence 

The law of the earth feeds us,  

Of the wind we borrow to breathe 

Blood cannot be overpowered by pigment. 

So when I dream of a future bigger than myself 

I imagine my love to be a house. 

A different colour from all others down the street 

A thousand retributions raining against my kitchen window 

I would know that everyone else feels it too 

Wonders, as one at its source 

Dreams it, to follow our children without the shadow of our hues 

If in this house, of love, lived my future. 

And my future feared itself 

I would open my door to the rushing of a drenched people 

Show them in the quiet of their procession  

That in this house we share protection 

We acknowledge the blues of all present 

We listen.  

Bring our heads together in judgement 

For there exists a dream of a future bigger than myself 




Belita Andre – Spoken Word Artist

Born of Nigerian and Namibian descent, Belita Andre’s journey allows her to represent the body of a rapidly expanding African poetry industry. Belita is both an independent and collaborative artist. Some of her recent work includes an ad campaign with Mac Cosmetics and a recent publication as part of an ethnic poetry colouring book project. Her work has expanded beyond the exploration of self and the world as she lives it, to equipping the general public on their journey to rediscovering themselves.