In this lifetime, In our reality

We have, the opposite of poverty;

Justice. Under a tree, for us, for ‘free’;

Accessibility, Affordability.

Fair and Equal state institutions

Rooted in Constitutionality.

Absence of discrimination and social disparity,

A stable and sound jurisprudence.

Transformative legal systems,

In which we have full confidence.

(With) Level discourse, rightful recourse;

No favour, full independence.

In Communitas. A network of ideas, innovations flowing freely,

Everyone a participant in governance. Everyone with a say.

Connected, different. Committed to progress.

Perceiving the law a different way

Learning, localising for the layman

To think there was a time we felt we’d never see the day.

Open to all possibilities,

Alive! with the faith that the law will protect me.

Clothed in all the legal securities,

Free from GBV.

Today, we claim, these gains and liberties.

Finally, substantive equality.

In our lifetime,

In this reality.



Nomyezo Mqhele – Legal Practitioner

Nomyezo aspires to effect great transformation through policy development and the rule of law. She was an intern in Parliament at the Speaker’s Office, where she worked closely with Institutions Supporting Democracy (Chapter 9 Institutions). She is a published poet and is in the editing stages of her first book, a creative non- fiction. A social activist, an advocate for human rights and gender & reproductive health rights, environmental rights; a wildflower.