Being sued, facing legal action, standing up in court, fighting the unforgiving legal system, worrying about how to pay for legal assistance – these are the things that keep many South Africans up at night.

Unfortunately, not many citizens know about legal cover, what it is, that they need it or how it can protect and benefit them. The law is expensive, and far too often people give up on finding the legal support, resulting in unwanted consequences, such as lost claims, broken agreements, and even jail time.

If you are wondering whether you need legal cover or not, don’t wait until the time you need a lawyer to enforce your rights and are forced to pay hefty legal fees. Everyone can benefit from legal cover.

What is legal cover exactly?

Legal insurance cover is a specific type of insurance product that covers the unexpected fees and expenses involved in legal disputes for a monthly premium. This is especially helpful if you have a strict budget.

Usually, after signing up for a legal insurance policy, a client will be able to contact a lawyer for legal advice (telephonically or face-to-face) related to civil, family, labour, or criminal matters.

Most policies also cover the costs of having a lawyer represent the client in court (litigation) or outside of court (mediation). This could include drafting contracts, writing of letters and negotiations. Of course, this shouldn’t be confused with legal aid.

The fact of the matter is: a run- in with the law can happen to anyone at any time, and most people aren’t financially or emotionally prepared to deal with the aftermath. There is no denying that access to justice lacks in our country and legal fees are just not affordable for most. For example, an initial consultation with an attorney is roughly R1500, and their in-court daily fee is approximately R8000. If you just gasped out loud, we don’t blame you.




R800 per hour R1200 per hour R2000 per hour R40000+ per day


R 400-R900 per hour R500-1100 per hour R600-2300 per hour R700-3000 per hour R1500-4000 per hour


Aside from a financial burden being lifted, what else makes legal cover worthwhile?

In addition to protecting you against paying unexpected or unplanned legal fees, legal cover is meant to give you and your loved ones (your spouse, dependents and sometimes other family members) peace of mind. Having a legal policy from a respected company will vastly reduce the stress and anxiety that come with a sudden legal encounter.

How do I know with legal insurance cover provider to choose?

Ultimately, you will want to opt for a reputable company with a proven track record. LAW FOR ALL is an award-winning company that has been making the law affordable and accessible for South Africans since 1993. Their legal professionals work hard to break down the barriers to justice and to enforce their clients’ rights. They are dedicated to making the law affordable, more accessible and delivering the best legal care.

How would I know which policy to choose?

It depends on what your budget is and how comprehensive you want your legal insurance cover to be. It’s important to consider any dependents you might have, and any legal challenges they might face in the future.

The great thing is that LAW FOR ALL policies cover spouses and children –  giving added peace of mind. Additional family members can be added to a policy for an inexpensive fee.

LAW FOR ALL gives clients access to a 24hr – Legal Emergency Bail Line in case of arrest. Policyholders have access to a dedicated Legal Advice Call Centre, so that offers legal advice and assistance immediately.

Other benefits-depending on the policy- include accidental death cover, property transfer fee discounts, tax support and representation in labour matters.

Real talk- how much can I expect to pay every month?

Because we are dedicated to making the law affordable and accessible, our policies are designed to suit every budget.

Our Gold policy costs R149 per month for representation of up to R149 000 per year in court; the Platinum option is R249 per month with legal expense cover of up to R249 000 a year; and the Platinum Plus Policy is R309 per month and we’ll pay a lawyer up to R309 000 a year to represent you in court.


We’ve got your back- sign up now!

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