Believe it or not, the festive season is literally around the corner! Yes, 2019 has certainly gone by in a flash, and it’s that time of year when South Africans dig deep into their pockets to make most of the holiday and have a merry time with their friends and family. But it’s also the time when South Africans need to know what their legal rights are to make sure they don’t go down the dark road of debt or find themselves on the wrong side of the law this holiday season. Let’s face it- everyone could do with tips to save money and affordable legal services.

Staying on top of and in control of your money are essential parts to financial freedom. Unfortunately, as the latest figures from the National Credit Regulator’s (NCR) Consumer Credit Market Report and Credit Bureau Monitor show, South Africans are drowning in debt: “There are now 25.1million credit-active consumers in the country. But more than 40.8% consumers have impaired records: about 23% of them are at least three months or more in arrears, 12.7% have adverse listings against their names, and 5.1% of consumers have judgments and administration orders against them”. So, things aren’t looking too great on the fiscal side of life, but it’s never too late to start making changes to your life and spending habits to help manage your finances a little more carefully.

LAW FOR ALL: Your Friend in the Law

LAW FOR ALL understands that South Africans are struggling to stay afloat financially, as the cost of living continues to sky-rocket. There is no doubt that consumers’ pockets are being hit hard, so we want to be in your corner and let you know that while the pressure feels inescapable, we put together some handy tips to keep you legally savvy and help keep your head up during these financially tough times.

This month, LAW FOR ALL takes a closer look at:

  1. Managing Debit Orders in South Africa

Yes, those debit orders coming off your account every month can feel like a financial slap in the face, but it’s definitely best to find ways to managing them and not try and get around them.  Many consumers seem to employ a strategy of drawing all their cash before the debit orders can be deducted, only to incur heavy penalties, put their insurance cover at risk or possibly being blacklisted. Here are some tips and advice on how to go about navigating debit orders.

  1. Legal Insurance Cover in South Africa

While most financially savvy South Africans know that taking out various insurance policies- whether it’s to cover hijackings, illnesses, accidents or death-is the right thing to do, but many don’t think of legal cover before it is too late. The thing is- you never quite know when you will have a run-in with the law, and it can be a very costly affair. LAW FOR ALL’s affordable polices have got your back! This is one of the top tips to save money!

  1. How to Dispute an Electricity Bill in South Africa

The last thing anyone needs at the end of the month is an inaccurate electricity reading! But challenging a suspicious municipal bill can be a complicated and stressful endeavour. LAW FOR ALL offers some helpful hints to help dispute a incorrect electricity bill in South Africa.

  1. Flexi Clubs and Timeshare Holiday Schemes in South Africa

Of course, as the year draws to the close, South African across the country are looking for ways to kick up their feet and relax in some beautiful destination. For many, that means relying on flexi club or timeshare scheme to make this a reality. However, in some cases, when it comes to “cashing in” those accumulated holiday points, things don’t quite pan out as planned; or people seem to be stuck in lifetime contracts that don’t deliver on what’s promised. Was it a scam to begin with? What are your options?

End the year on a high note with LAW FOR ALL.

Planning for your future as being financially empowered starts now! You have to sit down, consult with some experts and find a way forward. Of course, take note of all these tips to save money.  Sometimes a mountain of debt seems unsurmountable, but with the right guides you can conquer it.

We’ve Got Your Back!

LAW FOR ALL policies are pocket-friendly and provide comprehensive cover for whatever legal challenge life throws your way. For more information on how LAW FOR ALL can become your friend in times of need and help you navigate life have a look at our policies here.