The EFF leader could be held in contempt of court

EFF leader Julius Malema could be held in contempt of court if he continues to incite illegal land grabs.

This comes after The High Court in Pretoria granted Afrikaner rights group AfriForum’s request for an interdict against Malema.

“If Julius Malema or the EFF or any of the party’s affiliates make any public statements calling on individuals to occupy land illegally, then that would be a contravention of the court order. They will be liable for criminal charges,” says Spokesperson Armand Greyling.

Toward the end of 2016, Julius Malema called on white South Africans to return land to Black citizens and told his supporters to invade empty plots.  The former President of the ANC Youth League proceeded to be vague about whether or not he meant that the land must be taken by force:

“We are not promoting violence, but I can’t guarantee the future. I’m not a prophet”.

In addition to gagging Malema and his party from inciting violence, the interdict also extends to EFF trespassing on private property with the intention of grabbing land.

Image credit: Kathorus Mail