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We Salute Our Working Class Heroes!

We take our hats off to you every day! There is no doubt that much of the fabric of society is stitched together by the contributions of the working-class men and women who lend their skills and expertise to various industries. But we don’t just owe the smooth-sailing of day-to-day operations to them; history shows us that South African workers fought on the frontlines for equal rights and fair employment standards – something ALL citizens benefit from today. Of course, we celebrate this on 1 May aka Workers’ Day.

Let the law work for you!

While honouring the legacy of South African workers of the past is essential, LAW FOR ALL believes it’s also crucial to have the backs of the current and future generations of workers who work tirelessly day in and day out. Our workers are some of the most vulnerable people in our country – something the COVID-19 outbreak amplified recently. It is more important than ever to know your legal rights as an employee, and LAW FOR  ALL is here to fight for you – from legal advice and top-notch tips.

Find your financial footing: claiming COVID-19 UIF & TERS benefits.

If you find yourself in full financial survival mode, you’ve come to the right place! With income streams disrupted and many jobs hanging in the balance, many South Africans feel like they’ve hit a dead-end. LAW FOR ALL is here to show you the path to options and alternatives; specifically, how you can get through this by claiming UIF and TERS benefits during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Know your rights if you fall ill with COVID-19 at work.

As of 1 May, more industries will be opening up their services and operations, which means more workers could potentially be exposed to COVID-19. While employers have to make the workplace as safe and sanitary as possible, it will only minimise the risk. It’s important to know that if you contract the virus, in the course of your employment through exposure to confirmed cases in the workplace, you can potentially claim benefits from the Compensation Fund. Sound complicated? LAW FOR ALL clears it all up here so you can power through with getting the assistance you deserve.

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What if things go south? Dealing with unfair treatment at work.

It’s not uncommon for tensions to arise during uncertain times, but that’s no excuse for unfair or illegal treatment of workers. Every South African employee is protected by strict employment laws, which ensure they are treated with dignity, paid fairly and protected against any form of exploitation by their employers. For guidance on dealing with unfair labour practices, LAW FOR ALL is in your corner!

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Seperate right from wrong: legal tips for dealing with unfair dismissal

The workplace should be free of discrimination and unfair treatment - and that also applies to possibly being let go from your job. When it comes to dismissing employees, employers and companies have to adhere to the law and take the right steps. LAW FOR ALL unpacks the rules and procedures that govern the process for a dismissal to be fair and legal.

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Do the right & legal things: protect your domestic worker's rights.

Over 1 million domestic workers carry work in households across the country, including nannies, gardeners, drivers and those caring for the ill and frail. No matter their job description, domestic workers, are considered employees in South Africa and are protected by the law. Does your domestic worker have a contract and access to unemployment benefits? LAW FOR ALL’s Domestic Worker Employment Contract is downloadable and FREE!

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Understanding retrenchment: the process, the package & your legal rights.

Many companies’ futures are up in the air at the moment, and that means the livelihoods of employees hang in the balance, too. But in the face of a restructuring process, companies cannot simply dismiss workers. Therefore, it’s important for workers to understand what the legal retrenchment process looks like and what they are entitled to. Let’s dive into the retrenchment process and your legal rights in South Africa.

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Working from home: helpful hints to thrive in your home office.

While a significant portion of our workforce will only get back to work as the lockdown regulations relax, the government has asked South Africans to work from home as much as possible. This might be new territory for many and may take a while to get used to. LAW FOR ALL is here to help you navigate your “new normal”. Here are a few tips to stay productive and on the ball. You will be set up to succeed in no time!

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Legal Advice & Tips to Thrive at Work!

LAW FOR ALL wants you to put your best foot forward at work, but we also want to ensure you are aware of your rights as an employee and what your legal options are should a dispute arise. Covering everything from preparing for an interview to dealing with injury and illness claims, we’ve got you covered!


We’ve Got Your Back!

As a caring legal services provider, we mean it when we say we are in your corner. We understand that employment is a vital aspect of life, so you can rely on us to keep you up to date on any development in labour laws and informed on what your rights are as an employee. Don’t forget, we remain fully operational during the national lockdown, so your friend in the law is always there for you.


Get caring legal advice about your rights as an employee.

Having access to legal advisors who can help you stay clued-up on your rights as an employee is a solid foundation that will help you flourish. Whether you need help to understand a contract, tips on how to approach a salary discussion or to navigate a disciplinary hearing, we’re ready to assist.

We’ll help you talk it out.

Need a legal professional in your corner to guide you through a labour dispute? We tackle workplace conflict in a calm and caring way, so you can rely on us to keep your work reputation intact while working towards a fair outcome. What’s more, we can help you prepare for conciliation at the CCMA or a Bargaining Council.

Don’t get court out!

If a labour matter can’t be resolved amicably and has to go court, you can turn to LAW FOR ALL. If your policy covers the specific case, we’ll pay an attorney to represent you at arbitration or in labour court – so that you won’t have to.

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