For three decades, LAW FOR ALL has been empowering South Africans with award-winning legal cover. Join us in celebrating our legacy of breaking down barriers to justice and shaping a better future for all.

Breaking Barriers to Justice: Our Legacy of Empowerment

In the early 1990s, a group of change-makers saw the deep injustices and inequalities that persisted in the wake of apartheid and believed that true democracy and freedom could only be achieved through access to justice. They had the revolutionary idea of ensuring that South Africans had an affordable form of legal protection, regardless of their background or economic status: legal insurance cover. With a fierce commitment to social justice, these visionaries founded the Legally Independent People’s Corporation (LIPCO), which is now known as LAW FOR ALL.

Shaping a Better Future for All

The work of our founders has been an inspiration to activists, lawyers, and everyday citizens alike. We continue to honour their legacy and remain committed to making legal services accessible. Today, LAW FOR ALL stands as a beacon of empowerment, supporting South Africans from all walks of life. Our award-winning legal cover provides more than just protection and peace of mind when legal challenges arise. Our dedicated team ensures our clients have the freedom to pursue their life goals and aspirations with a trusted legal ally in their corner.

Celebrating LAW FOR ALL Milestones

From humble beginnings in 1993 to being recognised as one of the best legal teams on the continent in 2019, we have come a long way! There have been many milestones that have shaped LAW FOR ALL into the legal trailblazer it is today:

1993 – Our journey began with the founding of LIPCO, which opened its first office in Pretoria.

LIPCO Original Logo

1996 – Always playing an active role to bring about positive change in people’s lives, LIPCO’s founders met with President Mandela to help draft amendments to legislation.

LAW FOR ALL's Founders Meet Nelson Mandela

1999 – The company expanded operations and opened a new Cape Town Head Office and offices across South Africa, including in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Durban.

2004 – A partnership was formed with Absa Insurance Company Ltd. to ensure that clients’ rights are underwritten by one of the most reputable insurers in the country.

2012 – The company reached a significant milestone by making access to justice possible for over 200,000 South African families.

2013 – LIPCO helped shape the Legal Practice Act, redefining how the law is practised, by working with the Legal Expense Insurance Forum and engaging with the Department of Justice & Constitutional Development (DOJ&CD).

2014 – The company won a prestigious innovation award for advancing access to justice through its innovative legal insurance products at the African Legal Awards.

2016 – LIPCO rebranded to LAW FOR ALL, to better reflect our commitment to make the law affordable and accessible for everyone.

2017 – Our unwavering commitment to empowering clients with quality legal services was recognised at the African Legal Awards. Our legal team was named one of the best legal teams in Africa.

LAW FOR ALL Wins at African Legal Awards


2018 – LAW FOR ALL covered over 1,000,000 people, delivering affordable legal care from anywhere in the country. Our digital channels now allow clients to receive legal assistance conveniently and efficiently.

2021 – The company is recognised by the Top Employer’s Institute as one of the Top 20 Employers in South Africa because of our people-first practices and commitment to transformation. We have a diverse team of 74% female and 85% black, colour and Asian legal professionals.

LAW FOR ALL Top 20 Employer in South Africa

2022 – Our dedication to sound governance and insurance practices was awarded at the African Legal Awards, and our compliance team was named the Best Compliance Team on the continent.

2023 and beyond – Looking toward the future, LAW FOR ALL is committed to continuing to provide affordable and accessible legal care to all South Africans. We will continue to push the boundaries, make history, and change lives for the better.

Looking to the Future

As we celebrate 30 years of LAW FOR ALL, we reflect on our achievements and look forward to the possibilities ahead. We are filled with gratitude for the trust our clients place in us. With a legacy of achievements and a vision of a bright future, we continue to be the ally you can rely on.

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