No one knows what exactly the future holds, but one thing is certain: technology is going to infiltrate and impact our everyday lives more and more. As a forward-thinking and caring legal services provider, LAW FOR ALL is all about embracing technology in the legal services industry in South Africa. We are constantly on the lookout for new ways in which to help make the law affordable and accessible. We are aware that the vast majority of South Africans simply cannot afford to seek legal assistance; therefore, we are in the process of innovating a new tech system through which South Africans will be able to access the law with less financial implications.

The customer relationship system is called Lawyerly, and will make use of ground-breaking artificial intelligence to increase accessibility of the law and justice for all our policyholders by 2020. In a nutshell, it will allow our lawyers and partner firms to remove the mundane task of legal services, and focus on what really matters: giving people undivided attention and expert legal advice. Embracing technology in the legal services industry is certainly the way forward.

The pros and cons of technology: how it affects our lives and jobs.

Naturally, as with most technological developments, people are often equally excited and nervous about what lies ahead. In many industries, technology has facilitated an increase in efficiency, and thanks to many processes undergoing automation, lots of time-consuming and labour-intensive tasks are taken care of. Some of the benefits include increased production and, in turn, an increase in return on investment. For the everyday person, technology has meant added convenience and access to information- think the Internet and the rise of smartphones etc. Of course, there is a flip side to the tech coin: studies have shown that being constantly “plugged in” can lead to social isolation, anxiety and depression. Not to mention, with so many processes moving online, criminals take advantage of people who aren’t too clued-up and defraud them.

This month, LAW FOR ALL takes a closer look at:

  1. Mental Health Leave in South Africa

As mentioned above, there are many setbacks to being on the proverbial grid all the time, and often it is completely inescapable as many people’s jobs require them to be online. What’s more, many people develop anxiety and depression over possible being replaced by automation or a “robot”. This can have a major impact on an employee’s mental health, so in this write-up we take a closer look at what the law says about employers granting mental health leave to employees.


  1. Online Phishing Scams in South Africa

Because South Africa is a developing country, many cybercriminals try to take advantage of the fact that citizens might not be as tech savvy. So, it comes as no surprise that phishing scams are on the rise. And with cybercriminals becoming smarter, here’s what you should look out for to avoid falling victim.

  1. Terms and Conditions on Apps and Social Media

“Ts and Cs apply” is something you read or hear almost every day, but have you ever taken the time to actually look at what they are, and what information you are potentially giving the app and/or third party permission to use as they please?


  1. Cancelling a Cellphone Contract in South Africa

While signing up for a cellphone contract is fairly straight-forward, the same cannot be said about cancelling one. In fact, it’s a frustration shared by many across the country. Let’s take a look at what you need to know and, more importantly, what the law says about cancelling your cellphone contract.


5. Skin Bleaching in South Africa

Of course, the skincare and beauty industries are also constantly evolving thanks to evolving formulas and chemicals that ultimately set new trends.  Once such trend is skin bleaching, which is a divisive topic in South Africa.  And while the identity politics of the issue cannot be ignored, we also need to look at if any harmful formulas are flagged and regulated?

Facing the Future Together

If you are nervous about what the future holds, we can completely understand. Things change so rapidly that you feel out of touch and a little lost. But we assure you: you can always rely on LAW FOR ALL to be a constant source of guidance and peace. We’ll send your worried and fears packing no matter how the world changes.

We’ve Got Your Back!

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