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Legal Insurance that Cares

LAW FOR ALL is a legal insurance brand with over 20 years of experience. Their accessible and affordable legal insurance policies ensure that every citizen has access to proper legal advice and assistance.

LAW FOR ALL’s experts are top legal minds who live the brand’s value of being caring and protective. Each client is treated as a friend in need, rather than a monthly premium. It’s this approach to legal insurance that makes LAW FOR ALL a trusted legal advisor to thousands of South Africans, as well as businesses and large institutions.

LAW FOR ALL has over 400 lawyers, spread out across every province in the country, giving all their clients easy access to legal experts – ensuring a speedy resolution of all their legal problems.

LAW FOR ALL prides itself on understanding the emotions a client goes through when faced with a legal issue. Most people can’t read legalese, are intimidated by contracts, and are scared of any issue that involves a court. LAW FOR ALL aims to put their clients’ minds at ease by being there to protect their rights, help them through tricky legal situations, and ensure they understand the meaning and implications of their legal obligations.

Mediation before litigation is fast becoming the future of the legal process in South Africa and LAW FOR ALL is aware of this. With their rich history and years of experience in mediation, it come as no surprise that they successfully resolve 85% of their clients’ problems outside of court.

Mediation is the skillful art of reaching a resolution through discussing, listening and agreeing. Not only does mediation ensure a fair and speedy resolution to conflicts, it minimizes the hassle, stress and waiting involved in going to court. With South Africa’s courts’ caseload, one can often end up waiting years to get a resolution to a problem. Besides, court rooms are scary places that are unfamiliar to many of the country’s citizens.

On the LAW FOR ALL website you’ll find easy to understand guides to your rights, the legal process, and understanding legal contracts. They are dedicated to making legal knowledge accessible and understandable. Their caring guidance empowers all South African citizens.

The LAW FOR ALL approach to legal insurance is forward thinking and shows a true consciousness of the unique South African paradigm. Rather than choosing to sell fear, as many of the competitors do, they display an understanding of the real unease and fear that accompanies legal issues, and they demonstrate to clients that there is no need to be fearful.

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