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We’ve changed and stayed the same

We’ve changed everything and nothing at all. We’re still the same caring, legal experts who are committed to providing affordable legal cover to the people of South Africa. We’re still the same legal insurance brand with over 20 years’ experience and 400 legal experts around the country. We’ve undergone some cosmetic changes so that we […]

Legal Insurance that Cares

LAW FOR ALL is a legal insurance brand with over 20 years of experience. Their accessible and affordable legal insurance policies ensure that every citizen has access to proper legal advice and assistance. LAW FOR ALL’s experts are top legal minds who live the brand’s value of being caring and protective. Each client is treated […]

Victory for All: 5 Facts from the ConCourt’s Nkandla Ruling

South Africa’s constitutional democracy is based on the values of accountability, rule of law and the supremacy of our Constitution, a Constitution that protects citizens against unchecked abuse of State power and resources. In today’s unanimous Constitutional Court judgement the court gave effect to these principles, thereby posing a stern warning to office bearers who […]

Killing Death Penalty Globally

By Advocate Kaiél Grobler Ever since the abolishment of the death penalty, it has remained a contentious topic in South Africa, with calls by right wing lobbyists and a handful of citizens for its reinstatement occasionally rearing its ugly head. As a country rife with violent crimes, it is not shocking to sporadically come across […]

Identity Theft in SA: Fact or Fiction?

Something that only happens in Hollywood movies or a genuine threat to South African consumers? If recent statistics are anything to go by, identity theft in South Africa and the theft of personal information is more fact than fiction. Not only have reported incidents increased by 200% over the last six years, but it also […]