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How to Stand Out in the Legal Crowd: CV and Interview Tips

If you’ve gone on more job interviews than you can remember, you will know that no two are the same. Whether it’s the specific company or the person conducting the interview, there are always different variable that you need to deal with, while trying to best “sell” yourself. Of course, there is a common denominator […]

Money Matters: Get More Bang for your Buck with LAW FOR ALL

Believe it or not, the festive season is literally around the corner! Yes, 2019 has certainly gone by in a flash, and it’s that time of year when South Africans dig deep into their pockets to make most of the holiday and have a merry time with their friends and family. But it’s also the […]

The Legal Ins and Outs of Holiday Timeshare Schemes

After months of hard work and dealing with life’s frustrations, you finally decide to take some time out and plan a holiday. While considering your options, you remember that not too long ago, a person in a mall stopped you and asked if you would like to visit a beautiful destination like the one pictured […]

“Revenge Porn” is Officially Illegal in South Africa

There are new revenge porn laws in South Africa, as the country officially follows the likes of Israel, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Japan by criminalising the distribution of sexually explicit images or videos without someone’s consent. This comes after President Ramaphosa signed amendments to the Films and Publications Bill into law, which will […]

Tips on How to Motivate and Manage a LegalTech Team

Anyone who tells you that technology, especially artificial intelligence (AI), isn’t going to have a significant impact on almost every industry isn’t clued-up and, quite frankly, shouldn’t be trusted. There is no denying that advancements in the tech space are already changing the way many companies go about doing business. In fact, as you finish […]

Why LAW FOR ALL is Embracing Technology in Legal Services Industry

No one knows what exactly the future holds, but one thing is certain: technology is going to infiltrate and impact our everyday lives more and more. As a forward-thinking and caring legal services provider, LAW FOR ALL is all about embracing technology in the legal services industry in South Africa. We are constantly on the lookout […]

Mental Health Leave from Work: What the Law Says

The world changing at a rapid pace can be a source of major stress and anxiety for many people around the world. Locally, modern-day living (with all the technology advancements and the uncertainty that comes with that) is proving to have devastating effects on the mental health of South Africans, too. In fact, “as many […]

The South African Flag: A Brief History and Fun Facts

The sense of pride and patriotism that comes with seeing the South African flying high anywhere is undeniable- whether it’s blowing graciously at a sporting event or firmly secured on a car as a sticker. After all, it’s a symbol of democracy, freedom and equality; a perfect summation of our country. But just how much […]

Braaing in a Sectional Title Scheme in South Africa

There’s no denying that braaing in South Africa is a favourite pastime for all citizens, and with the warmer seasons approaching, people across the country will be gathering to fire up the coals, grill some meat and have a merry time.  Of course, not everyone has a sprawling backyard that can accommodate a large group […]

Language Policies and Workplace Discrimination in South Africa

There is no denying that an inclusive workplace is becoming more and more vital. Employees need to feel comfortable, acknowledged and protected in their place of work. Not to mention, it is also good for business, but that shouldn’t be the primary reason for embracing diversity in the office.  Of course, a key expression of […]