Investing in Employees: Learning and Development at LAW FOR ALL

In just the last decade alone, the legal landscape in South Africa has evolved tremendously: from technological innovations to client demands; the industry keeps changing and adapting. White that comes with its own set of challenges, it also opens doors for exciting opportunities for anyone who wants to get into the legal services industry.

Like many other industries across the world, the legal industry is facing a shortage of exceptional people. The number of lawyers with the right skills is limited, and organisations are fighting to attract and retain the best professionals in the legal market. Of course, this might have something to do with the fact that many companies don’t prioritise learning and development opportunities for employees.


1. LAW FOR ALL Understands the Importance of Learning and Development.

LAW FOR ALL is known for making the law accessible for all, but we apply a similar sentiment when it comes to hiring new, upcoming talent. The company is well aware of the inequality that still exists in the country and is dedicated to creating opportunities for talented young legal minds who want to enter the industry and develop their skills further.

On a micro level, LAW FOR ALL truly understands the need to proactively respond to a changing environment by maximising opportunities, mitigating risks and remaining competitive in the global market, we firmly believe that the ultimate key to success is engaging employees in meaningful and empowering ways.

For a more comprehensive take on meaningful work, feel free to have a look at LAW FOR ALL’s Talent Management Strategy.


2. LAW FOR ALL’s Learning and Development Philosophy

LAW FOR ALL fosters an enabling environment guided by best practice procedures, processes and platforms. The focus is on creating a talent pipeline that will build:

  • Competence in current roles – technical or functional skill as well as knowledge and ability;
  • Capability for employees to successfully perform in a next level position that requires different skills and competencies; and
  • Capacity that will ensure adequate bench strength to support our growth strategy.

Employees are as accountable as the organisation for their development and advancement in the organisation to maximise the value-add of learning and development interventions. Essentially, it is all about investing in the planned and accelerated development of our high potential employees and support the development of all employees in line with their approved training plans.


3. Learning and Development Opportunities at LAW FOR ALL

LAW FOR ALL offers a range of innovative short courses and workshops to empower employees.  The current training programmes include:

  • Short Courses in Labour Law
  • Online Tax Law
  • Deceased Estates
  • Business Risk Management
  • Paralegal Training
  • Master of Laws Qualification (LLM)

Additional training is also planned to meet the requirements of the workforce planning process, which includes:

  • Finance for Legal Professionals
  • Appropriate technical or technological training courses, including software, word processing and online research tools

It is also worth mentioning that LAW FOR ALL offers fully funded study assistance to all employees to help them further their formal education. From certificates and diplomas to graduate and post-graduate degrees, the opportunities are waiting to be taken up.


4. Here’s To the Future

LAW FOR ALL has its sights firmly set on the future, and it is an innovative vision that can only come to fruition if our highly valued employees are empowered to work to the best of their abilities.

Keen to join the LAW FOR ALL family?  Have a look at our Career and Opportunities.