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Free Legal Contract – Cohabitation Agreement

This is a written agreement used by an unmarried couple who are in a long-term relationship. This agreement protects their rights and sets out their obligations, it also regulates various aspects such as their living expenses, property, maintenance etc. It definitely comes in handy should the couple decide to end the relationship.
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  1. monica
    monica says:

    Hello.. im in a cohabitation relationship for 7 years 2 kids during that time we became self employed n now we have 4 stable buisnesses.. which im working full time… if SOMETHING where to happen to my patner since we not married will i lose our things or our kids are entitled to them autatically.. please help want to know so if its not good we can get a legal way to protect both of us.. thank you

    LAW FOR ALL says:

    Hi, Monica. It’s important that you both protect your rights in case your relationship should end. The best would be to see an attorney to help you draw up a cohabitation agreement and will. Are you a LAW FOR ALL Policyholder? Why not get in touch with one of our legal experts for advice?

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